Complementary Products

Luehr Filter offers a wide range of air pollution solutions, including the following:

Our range of centrifugal separators can be used as a pre-separator to a fabric filter and are manufactured from material up to 40 times the hardness of mild steel to extend service life. We also offer multi-cyclones where required, to handle high volumes of gas or to improve collection efficiencies.

Luehr Louvres
These can be used to reduce the fugitive dust emitted during the discharge cycle from a truck or rail car dumper into the receiving hopper The rubber flaps allow the material to fall through under gravity, but close when there is no material flow. This significantly reduces the open area of the receival hopper with the corresponding drop in the exhaust rate that is required to prevent dust emissions.

Luehr double dump valves
The low maintenance Luehr Double Dump Valve is advantageous when the process involves large, fibrous or abrasive materials that can block or abrade rotary valves. It works using two gates that alternately open and close. This double action maintains a positive air seal whilst discharging the collected material. Depending on the application requirements the valve can operate via gravity, a motor driven cam or air cylinders.

Luehr Vacuum Valve
In some applications an effective, low cost, minimal maintenance alternative to rotary valves or double dump valves on the dust collector hopper outlet is the Luehr Vacuum valve. The valve operates when the head of material added to the pressure of the pulsejet cleaning cycle creates enough pressure to open the moulded rubber sleeve allowing the material to fall out. The vacuum in the dust collector hopper otherwise holds the rubber sleeve closed. They can also function in solely gravity applications.

Dust monitors
Providing a simple and inexpensive method to monitor for ruptured or leaking filter bags a dust monitor detects the electrical charge developed by dust particles in an airstream and calculates the level of particles passing through the filter media. Once a pre-determined level is reached an alarm signal is generated. The dust monitors do not contain any moving parts and therefore require minimal maintenance
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