Expertise And Experience: A Winning Formula

Luehr Filter has been designing robust solutions for air pollution control in the Australian market for over 35 years. This experience is enriched and supported by its close association with Luehr Filter GmbH & Co KG of Germany, a global leader in the industry for over 75 years.

Our approach is to provide customised dust and fume control solutions to each individual project; with careful consideration to the nuances of location, industry, environmental requirements, and budget constraints, to ensure we deliver superior project and product performance.

Luehr Filter's expert ability to select, optimise and maintain equipment for your particular project is just as invaluable as our world-leading products. We take a hands-on, personalised approach to each project, carefully analysing all conditions. This involves site visits, in-depth consultation with each client and custom design where appropriate.

Our team of industry experts covers most of the core engineering disciplines and includes application and design engineers, site supervision and commissioning engineers, project managers, manufacturing experts and ongoing service support staff.

Luehr's expertise is underpinned by our in-depth understanding of the entire process - from quotation to after-installation maintenance. At all stages of the project we have a focused and disciplined approach to fulfilling customer project requirements by utilising best practice project management systems to deliver quality products on time.

Our proven experience, processes and well-earned reputation guarantees delivery of the very best solution for your specific application.

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