Dust collectors
Engineered Dust and Fume control for Australian Conditions

A Global Leader In Fume and Dust Control

Engineering Innovation In Air Pollution Control

The Luehr Filter engineered dust and fume control solutions combine cutting-edge design, innovative technology, global experience and a tailored approach to each project to deliver one of the most efficient and superior solutions available.  

With a reputation as a world leader, only our exceptional customer service, project management, installation and ongoing maintenance match our proficiency and experience. Luehr Filter is simply the best choice in solving industrial air pollution problems within the mining, minerals, foundry & steel, incinerator, wood & paper, food & beverage, fertiliser, cement, gypsum, lime, coal and chemical industries.

Performance, collaboration, innovation and dedication to safety, health and the environment - that's the Luehr Filter promise.
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Combining the best available technology with an open and creative approach, Luehr and technology partner Trema, offer wet or dry scrubbing and filtering technologies that deliver high collection efficiencies to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

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