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GR Engineering Mining Ltd

The Problem

GR Engineering Mining LtdAs part of its new Randall's Gold Project, located around 60 kilometres southeast of Kalgoorlie, Mining installed a large crushing and screening plant. This part of the process produces by far the largest amount of dust, which if left untreated would cause a major environmental problem.



To address this issue an dust extraction system was designed to capture the dust and return it to the process. This was achieved by the installation of a Luehr DF Fabric Filter. The unique feature of this design is its flat horizontal filter bag arrangement, which allows extremely quick and safe inspection of the clean air chamber and bags. This design eliminates the need to use tools or lifting gear to access the filter bags. Bag changing can be conducted from the generous adjacent access platform and does not require maintenance personnel to enter the filter.

As with most Luehr designs, the filters used on this project are based on a modular concept. This allows the filters to be fully assembled with filter bags, pulse cleaning system and electrical controls. The complete unit can then factory tested prior to shipment which not only ensures the filter is fully functional on arrival at site, it also greatly reduces site installation errors, time and labour.



The system was installed on time and commissioned without any issues. The plant has since been reliably producing hydrated and is meeting all expectations.


Company: GR Engineering Mining Ltd
Location: Kalgoorlie, WA
Flow rate: 34,600 Am3/h
Temperature: 25oC
Industry: Mining - Gold


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