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Akara Mining Limited/Ausenco Services Pty Ltd

The Problem

Akara Mining Limited/Ausenco Services Pty Ltd Ausenco Services were engaged by Akara Mining to develop a gold ore processing facility in the Phichit region of Thailand. Parts of the development included ore crushing and reclaim processes. The fugitive dust generated during these processes was considerable and therefore required control.



Luehr Filter offered two DFV filters featuring horizontally mounted bags for this application. These were selected by Ausenco because they provided the best solution for the application and also met Akara’s objectives for safety, performance and reliability.

The unique feature of this design is its flat horizontal filter bag arrangement. This allows extremely quick inspection of the clean air chamber and filter bags without the need to use tools or lift heavy horizontally orientated access hatches. Bag changing is conducted from the adjacent access platform and does not require maintenance personnel to enter the filter.



The units were delivered to Thailand in a closed shipping container on schedule and are performing well in the arduous tropical conditions.


Company: Akara Mining Limited/Ausenco Services Pty Ltd
Location: Phichit, Thailand
Flow rate: 5,500 & 8,000 Am3/h
Temperature: 50oC
Industry: Mining – Gold


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