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Abosso Gold/Savannah Nickel

The Problem

Abosso Gold/Savannah Nickel As part of their expansion Abosso Gold installed a Primary Crusher at their Damang Gold Mine in South West Ghana. The dust generated during the crushing process was considerable and therefore required control.



Luehr received an order for the supply of a dust collection system for the application. Due to a plentiful supply of process water and its relatively lower capital cost, a wet scrubber was chosen for this application.

The unit selected was a Trema ZK 180 cyclonic scrubber. The ZK design is suitable for the high dust loads that are generated during crushing and efficiencies as high as 99% can be achieved on this type of application. The system is designed with a once through water system. The collected slurry is pumped to the mines existing water treatment plant where it is clarified before being returned to the scrubber.

The scrubber is a low maintenance design and therefore is well suited to the remote mine location with limited maintenance personnel available.



The scrubber was shipped as a fully assembled unit from our Melbourne manufacturing facility on a flat rack and arrived on site ready for installation. It was successfully commissioned and is meeting the required emission standards.


Company: Abosso Gold/Savannah Nickel
Location: Damang Gold Mine, Ghana Africa
Flow rate: 32,000 Am3/h
Temperature: 35oC
Industry: Mining – Gold


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