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Wet Scrubbers

Our range of wet scrubbers for particulate, fume and gas removal is designed to deliver high collection efficiencies to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. The scrubbers can achieve efficiencies of up to 99.9% depending on the application. Each unit is extremely versatile, requiring minimum maintenance, and its’ robust construction allows it to operate in the most arduous of circumstances.


Through our technology partner Trema Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Luehr Filter offers five principal designs customisable to meet your individual requirements:

  • ZK Centrifugal Scrubber that features no moving parts is primarily used for high dust load applications.
  • VK Dynamic Scrubber includes an integral wet fan to create highly turbulent conditions, which forces the dust particles into the scrubbing liquid. The integral fan also provides the process-induced draft.
  • High efficiency Venturi scrubber which atomises the scrubbing liquid to entrain the dust and fume particles which then coalesce into larger droplets enabling them to be removed from the gas stream. This enables collection of smaller particles, well into the submicron range, when compared to the ZK or NVK models.
  • RN Rotary Scrubbers deliver the energy for the atomisation of the water via an externally driven high-speed impeller. Since this energy is not drawn from the gas stream, the unit has a low-pressure loss and offers a high collection efficiency regardless of the volume handled. These features make it ideal for retrofit solutions.
  • FK Packed Bed Scrubbers are effective for acid mist, odour and gas absorption. The gas to be treated flows vertically upwards through a packed bed column with the scrubbing liquid cascading in the opposite direction.


ZK Centrifugal Scrubber

ZK Centrifugal Scrubber


A ZK Centrifugal Scrubber controlling emissions from a coal storage shed.


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