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Dry Scrubbers

The dry scrubber removes acid gases (HF, HCI, SOx), dioxins and heavy metals from combustion processes. This is accomplished by introducing sorption materials such as lime, bicarbonate, and activated carbon into the Luehr Filter Conditioning Rotor reaction chamber.


When directly coupled with a Luehr fabric filter the conditioning rotor enables recycling of the sorption material by returning a percentage of the collected material back into the conditioning chamber via a screw conveyor. This greatly reduces the consumption and therefore the cost of the sorption material required to treat the gases and also avoids the requirement to use less reliable pneumatic conveying systems.


KUV Reactor

KUV Reactor


A Luehr KUV reactor coupled to a DF filter reliably cleans incinerator flue gas whilst minimising sorption consumption. The compact arrangement also allows for cost effective shipping to remote locations.


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